Darkhouse Family – The Offering [Beat Tape] [2017]

Darkhouse Family – The Offering [Beat Tape]
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01. The Offering
02. Radiate
03. Elements Of Life
04. Heart Of Medina
05. Journey Of Love
06. Modaji Suite
07. Space And Time
08. GAEA
09. Just So You Know
10. Another World
11. The Accession

Darkhouse Family – The Offering

Also Available On: Vinyl Version

First Word Records is very proud to present you with ‘The Offering’ – the debut album by Darkhouse Family; a Cardiff-based duo consisting of Earl Jeffers & Don Leisure.

Previously releasing music under their respective monikers, Metabeats and Jamal, they’ve produced an assortment of sounds over the years, from Hip Hop to House to D’n’B. Connecting as a duo almost a decade ago, this merger logically saw the birth of their own unique style, comprised of a bonafide fusion of genres.

Darkhouse Family entered into the public domain via labels Fat City and Earnest Endeavours, before joining the First Word family in Summer 2016, with the ‘Solid Gold’ EP. This was their first release to incorporate live instruments into their signature hybrid of sampled beat-chops and electronic sonics. ‘The Offering’ serves up further evolution in the Darkhouse Family’s sound – a progression that also embraces Jazz and Soul.