Makaya McCraven – Highly Rare [Instrumental Album] [2017]

Makaya McCraven – Highly Rare [Instrumental Album]
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01. Danny’s Intro
02. The Locator
03. Above & Beyond
04. Venus Rising
05. Icy Lightning
06. Left Fields
07. R.F.J. III
08. Early Bird Once Again

Makaya McCraven – Highly Rare

Highly Rare is a new mixtape produced & arranged by Makaya McCraven.

It’s titled Highly Rare not only for the format of its initial release (a limited-edition run of cassettes packaged in screen-printed, string-sealed, firecracker red envelopes), but foremost for the context of the source material’s capture.

The sounds were recorded to four track cassette tape at a DIY show packed into the confines of Chicago dive Danny’s Tavern, a place definitely not known for having live bands, let alone live recordings. It’s a place known to vinyl heads both locally and globally as a legendary hub in the crate digger diaspora. It’s the place where Jeff Parker learned how to DJ. It’s the place where Dante Carfagna held down a rare soul party for over a decade, where he first dropped public needles on 45s that would eventually make compilations he curated for Numero Group and Chocolate Industries. It’s the place where DJ Shadow still does sets on the low when he rolls through town.