bruhv – oldies [Beat Tape] [2017]

bruhv – oldies [Beat Tape]
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01. 50s hiccup intro
02. with my eyes wide open i’m dreaming
03. all these things i do without you
04. mellow disc jockey
05. where’s the can?
06. plug me in you bafoon
07. doris realizes that she’s a star
08. josh logan’s “fanny”
09. south american tobacco
11. until next time
12. creation pattern theme
13. dear hearts and gentle sand
14. big band blues
15. everything for nothing
16. lovely women with nursing degrees
17. truest doll guitar song
18. five silver dollars
19. give it up you bafoon
20. doris talkin that jive once again
21. freddie kissin life on the backside
22. i cherish this sacred ground you walk upon
23. we touched the stars (true love is ours)
24. i never hurt when i think of you

bruhv – oldies

Also Available On: CP006: Limited Edition Cassette