Blu & Exile – In The Beginning: Before The Heavens [Album] [2017]

Blu & Exile – In The Beginning: Before The Heavens [Album]
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01. Soul Provider
02. Another Day
03. Constellations ft. Lyric Jones
04. All These Ladies ft. Dr. Oop
05. Party Of Two
06. Back To Basics
07. On The Radio
08. You’re Gonna Die Someday
09. Life Is A Gamble ft. Donel Smokes, Trek Life, & Co$$
10. Things We Say ft. Aloe Blacc
11. Hot For Yall ft. Donell Smokes
12. Hard Workers ft. Blame One
13. Sold The Soul
14. Stress Off The Chest

Blu & Exile – In The Beginning: Before The Heavens

Also Available On: Standard Black Vinyl 2XLP & Exclusive Green Swirl Colored Vinyl 2XLP (Includes Bonus Solid Green 7″)

In The Beginning: Before the Heavens is made of up songs that are raw and untouched, keeping the authenticity of Blu and Exile’s creativity at the time. The album has guest appearances from familiar names like Dr. Oop, Donel Smokes, Aloe Blacc, and Blame One. While “Soul Provider,” “Another Day,” and “Party of Two” appeared on Blu’s Lifted EP, the majority of these songs showcase Blu rapping at his peak, maintaining his underground attitude as he dishes on reaching star status (“Constellations”), getting radio play (“On the Radio”), or opposing views in a problem-ridden world (“You’re Gonna Die Someday”). Exile, meanwhile, builds a golden hip-hop era feel with head-nodding samples and DJ scratches.