NAMELESS – BE​[​ats​]​ORIGINAL Vol. 4 [Beat Tape] [2017]

NAMELESS – BE​[​ats​]​ORIGINAL Vol. 4 [Beat Tape]
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01. 1-800-Beats
02. 89bpm / Sunbeamz
03. BBQ
04. Jonti Loops
05. Lawd-A-Merzzy
06. On Ice
07. Restart [feat. Nametag Alexander]
08. Killa.Killa.Heel
09. Follow Me
10. Awwww Yea!!
11. Deeeep / Deeper Than That
12. Too Step [feat. Pink Siifu]
13. Get It 2Getha / Eye-Yie
14. Know.Bodiez
15. Flowers.Nowhere / Ever Always
16. Untitled Stylez
17. Filters / Here & There
18. Sun.Rise
19. Window Shopping
20. April 29th [Layla]


For the past years, I’ve been going through numerous stages in my life: gained & lost friends, divorce, depression, distance from the kids, a current job that consumes my time, energy and health, my struggles to keep faith and the list goes on. All of those things I’ve gone through, and my beat machine was always there for me to let my anger out…….there were always genuine folks that supported me wanting me to keep pushing with the beats. And for that, I’ve finally kept my inspiration and completed this project. This project is probably the most personal and meaningful project for me because I’ve been through so much but the passion for music didn’t die. I hope you’ll enjoy this art of mine…….THANK YOU!!

—————————BE[ats]ORIGINAL Vol. 4—————————

I dedicate this project to my son & daughter. I love you both and I’m proud of you guys.