Stainlexz – The Real Mixtape [Mixtape] [2017]

Stainlexz – The Real Mixtape [Mixtape]
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A01. Winterlandschaft
A02. Sugar Man
A03. Nachtschwärmer
A04. Me And My Crew
A05. Fractal Feelings
A06. Lass Mich Versuchen
A08. Rhodes On The Road
A09. Weekly Depression
A10. Spetznaz
A11. Summer Nights
A12. Life Is Laboom
A13. 10 Jahre

B01. Lhive
B02. Poetry
B03. Stundents We All
B04. 90210
B05. Auf Den Gleisen
B06. Shadow On Granit
B07. Be The Man
B08. Gonna Give You
B09. My Way
B10. No Hollywood
B11. Stadt Am Ufer (Bonus)
B12. I’m Ready (Bonus)
B13. Daily Train (Bonus)

Stainlexz – The Real Mixtape

Also Available On: PPT-CC-09 – Limited Edition Cassette