Various Artists – Mini​-​Coastal Village (A Compilation) [Compilation] [2017]

Various Artists – Mini​-​Coastal Village (A Compilation) [Compilation]
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01. Of Curse – Grove
02. Dok-s Project – Dolphins
03. Neuronoa -1-BIT DISNEY
04. Mukqs – High Light Pleroma
05. Galen Tipton- ☕??
06. The Person – Krabshak
07. TJ Sicilia – By the Docks
08. World Cup – Pure Luck
09. Kane Pour – Spring
10. Euglossine – Microscopic Bliss
11. Daddy Gingko – Avocado Dog
12. Magic From Space – New Berries Road Remix
13. Sunmoonstar – Caramel Turtle
14. Dang Olsen Dream Tape – Clamshells
15. E. Mezuxie – Wading From Here
16. Novelty Toys – )inthedark(
17. Tominaga – A Drifting Piano Surfing
18. Blacksunblackmoon – Carrabelle
19. Ave Eva – La Jetée
20. John Wright – Square Grouper
21. Ivy Meadows – Bubble Rising

Various Artists – Mini​-​Coastal Village (A Compilation)

Available On: Limited Edition Cassette w/ Postcard

Wake up in the grove surrounded by soft light. Take a walk to the village coffee shop. Stop by the banana stand or the coconut hut before a stroll on the beach. Go for a morning swim with the dolphins. Visit the waterfalls, or enjoy the clear fresh water at the hidden spring. Grab a bite to eat at the Krabshak and do a little dancing. Hang out at the docks and watch the boats come in and out. Take a hot air balloon ride and enjoy the breathtaking view of the entire island. Visit the avocado farm and pet the dogs with the famous shiny coats.

Be prepared, because when the sun goes down, the island changes…

Take a walk down New Berries Road to a secret spot on the beach for a glimpse of the rare “caramel turtle”, only spotted at night. Go night swimming and wade into the dark, drifting along with the glistening surf. Be sure to visit the camp grounds at night, it’s a great spot for star-gazing and UFO watching.

The night is calm.. but stay up late enough, and discover how crazy things can really get.. party into the night. Stumble back to the grove to watch the sun rise, knowing you will fall asleep soon, only to wake up in a few hours and start the journey all over again.