Anzola – Anzola [Album] [2017]

Anzola – Anzola [Album]
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01. Spirit of a 404
02. Accurate (feat. Ariana Rodriguez)
03. Side of Pancakes
04. Neon Syrup
05. We All Get it (feat. Rebecca Roger)
06. Thursday’s Gone (feat. 2nd Son)
07. Soft Fabrics
08. Second Look (feat. Kara Scarfo)

Anzola – Anzola

Also Available On: Anzola Self Titled Album on Limited Edition Cassette

ANZOLA is a Venezuelan-born, Toronto-based artist whose loop-based neo-psychedelia music incorporates elements of trip hop, electronic, jazz and and Latin rhythms. On his current self-titled release Anzola, the multi-instrumentalist has created a groove-heavy and laid back landscape utilizing samplers, classic synths, beat machines and live instrumentation which is enriched by a potent cast of international guest vocalists and collaborators.

by Ryan Warner
Programs Manager at Canada’s Music Incubator