Fluent – The Antique Beats [Instrumentals] [2017]

Fluent – The Antique Beats [Instrumentals]
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01. Rose Petals
02. Gold
03. Pressure
04. Still Hated
05. Help!
06. Until The Sun Comes Up Pt. 2
07. Blocks
08. ILL DON – Stupid
09. ONE
10. Soul Blast
11. Heavyweight Agenda
12. What You Call It?
13. The Emcee
14. Black Composer
15. Fuck With Us
16. Whatever RMX
17. The Antique Black [OG]
18. Breakbank
19. The Antique Black [2nd Edition]

Fluent – The Antique Beats

Also Available On: Limited Edition, Handmade/Hand-Numbered Cassette

This is the instrumental version of the original Green Llama album release, City Slick – The Antique Black.

“The Antique Black” was one of 2 albums released simultaneously by The Green Llama Movement in 2007 (the other being Uncut Raw – First Toke.) These were our first 2 releases ever, and we released them together because they had very contrasting styles, yet their differences also made them close companion albums at the same time. Sister albums, if you will.

City Slick is Fluent on the beats and Decay on the rhymes. The album was entirely produced by me, Fluent, with the exception of track 8, “Stupid”, produced by the one and only OG Llama, ILL DON. The tracks were made over the span of a year or two. These instrumentals remain mostly the same from the official release with vocals in 2007. It should be noted that tracks 17-19 were not officially released on the vocal version and are bonus tracks on this album. They were instrumentals for a few tracks that didn’t make the cut at the time.