Kubes – Raw Vibrations [Beat Tape] [2017]

Kubes – Raw Vibrations [Beat Tape]
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01. welcome to earth
02. metro 9000
03. forces unknown 2.0
04. ancient stargate
05. cmptr tlln u
06. shapes in the universe
07. drum machine jackson
08. experiment 1
09. vortices rap
10. groove channel
11. tnssee spce prgrm
12. 123 space
13. mocs beeds bajas
14. house days
15. how to catch a vibe
16. japan
17. delta stargate
18. some space in space
19. earth people 1000
20. at a friend’s house

Kubes – Raw Vibrations

With “Raw Vibrations”, Kubes takes you on a journey into his world. Surrounding you with rich textures, atmospheric melodies and rhythmically complex patterns, Kubes delivers a portrait of his world; one in which imperfection and dissonance are king. We are proud to host this initial release on Natural Selection, and we look forward to future releases from Kubes.