Us Natives – Crumb Bums [Beat Tape] [2017]

Us Natives – Crumb Bums [Beat Tape]
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01. Chicano
02. Can’t Keep Running
03. Angry Johnny
04. Crumb Bums
05. Think Too Much
06. Forget All The Rules [skit]
07. Extra Potatoes
08. Slow Strut
09. Uncle Sindone [skit]
10. Every Single Day
11. Muspelheim

Us Natives – Crumb Bums

Also Available On: Cassette or Compact Disk

Back in 2012 John E Cab and Ill Clinton formed Us Natives. Many production sessions have taken place since then, from Philadelphia to North Carolina. Us Natives has always preferred to create together, in the same room in order to provide the most organic sound possible. Throughout the years certain beats stood out more than others, certain beats moved Us, certain situations molded Us…these are those beats.

-Us Natives.