Lagløs – cosmic natives [Beat Tape] [2017]

Lagløs – cosmic natives [Beat Tape]
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01. Le Petite Mort
02. Walking Through Space
03. Atmósferas Estelares
04. ∆ntimateria
05. Infinity Waves
06. Años Luz
07. Sirius
08. Exotic Beauty
09. Etérea
10. Cosmonauta
11. Funky World
12. Surrealistic Place
13. Bajo Los Cerezos
14. Lookin’ Through Your Eyes
15. Bonsai 盆栽
16. Cosmogonía
17. Esencia
18. No Gravity
19. Too Many Ways To Die
20. Realidad Virtual
21. Karōshi
22. Océano de Óleo
23. Pigmentos Naturales
24. Weltklass
25. Exoplaneta
26. Tillsammans
27. Mujer Cósmica
28. Tribal Spirits
29. Fractals
30. Ciclos Cuánticos
31. Jay Stay
32. 8va Dimensión
33. Plasma
34. Timeless
35. cosmic natives (side.a)
36. cosmic natives (side.b)

Lagløs – cosmic natives

Also Available On: C80 Pro Dubbed Chrome Tape + Digital

NEK046: Lagløs – cosmic natives | tape

More than a beat tape, is a kind of short pieces
that paint moments and people that marked an era of transitions
and stays, handicaps and serendipities, using the cosmos as a metronome, natives as pigments and a sampler as the ocean.

From Lonnie Liston Smith to Yuji Ohno,
a set of amorphous algorithms.

How far does the oscillating echo of our mind go?
Waves of antimatter that twinkle waiting to be reinterpreted.
Cosmic Jazz, Slow Jams from the Soul, Ambient from a distant place, Smooth drum breaks of Funk & Boom Bap.