L-One – Farska LP [Beat Tape] [2017]

L-One – Farska LP [Beat Tape]
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01. Napoli
02. Cevapcici
03. Kaffee
04. Gulasch
05. Rucola
06. Bruschetta
07. Tortellini
08. Rum
09. Portwein
10. Jamnica
11. Gin Fizz
12. Karlovacko
13. Tee
14. Espresso
15. Orahovica

L-One – Farska LP

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L One is a young Munich Hip Hop beat smith and a lover of drum computers. With only 24 years, he already has a considerable discography as producer. Including projects such as ATP’s “C’est La Vie Or What?” (2016 on Bumm Clack) as well as Weltuntergäng’s “Dogmatikers Elfen” (2014 on Tieftonkultur). As a part of Akere and Manufaktur, he also ventured into new genres in the recent years and provided new approaches to TripHop and Dubstep.

On the Farska LP, L One processes his impressions of his vacation in Croatia in 2014 and 2015. On every day one song has been created on the beach, only with a MPC500, which carries its title either of the meal (2014) or the drink (2015) of the previous evening.