Martis Unruly – Misfit II [Album] [2017]

Martis Unruly – Misfit II [Album]
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01. Eternal Flame (produced by Yung Uglee)
02. Tofu (produced by AJ Suede)
03. Nicotine (produced by Trowa Barton)
04. I Think I’m Dying (produced by Khrist Koopa & BB Sun)
05. Feral Hippie (produced by Young God of BSBD)
06. Carnivore (produced by Khrist Koopa)
07. Tears Ain’t Enough (produced by Rare Rashad)
08. Mortician (produced by Yung Tone)
09. Gorgeous (produced by Trill Spector)
10. Heavy (produced by BMB Loko Los)
11. Shark Missile (produced by Trowa Barton)
12. Infinite (produced by Young God of BSBD)
13. They Sayer (produced by Abracadabra) *CASSETTE-ONLY BONUS TRACK*

Martis Unruly – Misfit II

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

Misfit II is ultramodern music for those few who are strong enough to take on the burden of life. Martis Unruly is now proficient in providing the insight of his own demons. Always contemplating the end of this life, but with an eye for the harmony and purpose in it all. This ability is a symbol of maturation and an evolution in the mind of Lord Unruly. “Life is a gamble, and the clock still tick… I take risks and a nigga grew gills cause I just jumped ship”. The misfit we were introduced to on the first edition of Misfit has increased in power, having grown into a man with a sense of life’s terror, but the courage to truly thrive in it. The atmosphere for this record is cryptic and cutting; the immersive, intricate details build a range of emotions. Khrist Koopa, Young God of BSBD, and Trowa Barton are amongst the producers who each provide a unique realm for Martis Unruly to explore. Misfit II is Martis Unruly evolved. We have entered a new aeon. “I took a look in my mind and seen I’m limitless, the water is infinite. Come swim in it.”