Brotha Kandoo ™ – Dutchy Head Beats Vol​.​1 [Beat Tape] [2017]

Brotha Kandoo ™ – Dutchy Head Beats Vol​.​1 [Beat Tape]
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01. A1.Gold Leaf NY Sour Diesel
02. A2.Dutchy Cough (I got Loud)
03. A3.Klutch my 9 an my Dutch
04. A4.Dutchieland Jazz
05. A5.Ch33ba Pvffin
06. A6.Twirl a Dutch onda Z Train to Canal Street
07. A7.Strictly Dutchies or Raws
08. A8.Henny & a Dutch
09. A9.Burn da Dutchy 2 a Dukk
10. A10. Dutchy In The Park
11. B1.Ashtray Full of Dutchy Duks
12. B2.You a Stoopid M’Fkr
13. B3.Puffin L’s inna Hallway
14. B4.U R A Herb
15. B5.DvtchyH3^d
16. B6.Crazy Stoopid & Dumb
17. B7.Ravioli Bags Of Sour
18. B8.Wolf Pack Piff Burnaz
19. B9.Roll a L on da Stoop

Brotha Kandoo ™ – Dutchy Head Beats Vol​.​1

Also Available On: Cassette,Cd & Sticker Combo Pakk, “Limited Edition Cassette.”, Limited Edition Compact Disc & Dutchy Head Sticker

Swampy blunted beats while puffing dutch masters of skunk! All complied to a beat tape an released to fellow pot-heads and blunted ones and heads just in love with that 90’s era looped up grit!! Bless yo I deeply appreciate you peeping the science!!!