Gee-O – Summer Waves [Beat Tape] [2017]

Gee-O – Summer Waves [Beat Tape]
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01. Knowing Things
02. Night Wave
03. House Strings
04. Heat
05. The Park
06. Evening Wave
07. Roots And Ting Dem
08. Need You
09. Flares
10. Amazon Wave
11. Favela Wave
12. The Hammock
13. Waves

Gee-O – Summer Waves

The latest project: Summer Waves, Gee-O created songs that reflects on what summer may sound like from all angles. Whether you’re a young head or an old head or even an oddball, everyone will get touched by this effort. Mostly Hip Hop beats or an interpretation of Hip Hop beats with a little of House music and even Jungle/Drum and Bass somewhere in the mix. Enjoy!!!!!!