Leroy “FatVonFree” Freeman Jr. – No Safe Spaces [Beat Tape] [2017]

Leroy “FatVonFree” Freeman Jr. – No Safe Spaces [Beat Tape]
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01. iNtRo– Dockery Plantation….Meeting Lilith
02. The Setup:::Quiet Dude…In A Room Full of Strangers
03. Part 1:::Slick Talk on The Web….(Roc Marciano Remix)
04. Part 2:::Afghan Dope…Impalas…Sawed off Double Barrel..Headed to Enoshima…(Throwed as F*ck Mix)
05. Part 3:::Midnight At Enoshima Part II..(Everybody Caught Charges)
06. Part 4:::$250,000 a piece for Bail..Zane Came Through Sunday Morning…(Still1 Left)
07. Part 5:::Changing of The Guard…(Got ’em)
08. A Song for Lilith (Ft. kRo___0kZ)
09. ReaperCrew…Central Texas Henchmen
10. Part 6:::Old Head’s Lament (Look Fwd Not Back Dummy)
11. Portishead Tribute Vol. 4 (Ft. kRo___0kZ)
12. Part 7:::::Moment of Silence…(#FwdNotBack)
13. Bumps for The Lady
14. Cheers To A New Beginning Vol. 3
15. One for Gregg & Duane

Leroy “FatVonFree” Freeman Jr. – No Safe Spaces

Excited to release my latest collection of instrumentals with a few acapellas sprinkled on top. There are some original collage pieces I have included as downloads. I hope you all dig this album. Was very fun to make. I can’t wait to share what’s next!!!! No matter what I am still #Pushin #Relentless in Everything.