Cee Gee Incorporated – The Research [Album] [2017]

Cee Gee Incorporated – The Research [Album]
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01. The Research (Intro)
02. The Big Lebowski (Story By Frigid Giant)
03. Raw (Story By Son Scotty)
04. Rock On (Vibes) (Story By Mad Dukez)
05. Definition of a True MC (Story By Mostro & Program)
06. Drop The Needle (Instrumental)
07. AstroTraveling (Story By Short Moscato)
08. Shaman (Story By Genecist)
09. Lessons of Today (Story By GunSmoke Shabazz)
10. Friendzone Mentality (Instrumental)
11. GSC (Story By Deuce Ellis)
12. Rebel Radio Interlude
13. The Grind (Story By Keith Concept with Joey Dynamite)
14. Opportunist (We Almost Lost Buffalo) (Story By DMagic)
15. Reality Check Pt. II (Story By Skoob.)
16. Hanna Barbarians (Story By Rap And Destroy with Alexander McBryde)
17. This Thing Called Lyphe (Story By Shuteyes)
18. Where Do I Go From Here??? (Instrumental)
19. Seven One Six (Story By Green)
20. Peace And Salute (Outro)

Cee Gee Incorporated – The Research

The highly anticipated producing compilation album by buffalo hip hop producer Cee Gee Incorporated (simply known as Cee-Gee).