LuvJonez – DAYS WEEKS MONTHS YEARS [Beat Tape] [2017]

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01. Drop It On Ya
02. I Declare (Blue)
03. The Authority
04. Well, Well
05. Clouds Above
06. Listen Up
07. GotMoney.HadMoney.NeedMoney
08. If Not Me, Then Who
09. Grime Spree
10. O Lawd
11. Broken Spirits
12. The Chill Session
13. About Me
14. Nothin Better
15. Where Will We Go
16. Time Travel
17. The Bassment
18. Jazz Catz
19. The Feel Good Joint
20. Find The One
21. I Deserve It
22. The Uprock
23. Can’t Take It
24. When It Rains
25. Born Day
26. Piano Man
27. Rise Up
28. No Traffic
29. Thanks Ma
30. On My Mind
31. Muddy Sneaks
32. Scrap Yard
33. Sentences
34. The Victory
35. Not Today
36. Dreamers
37. Grind Time Reunion
38. Keep Thinkin’
39. The Void
40. Back Porch
41. Leverage
42. Down Home
43. Head High
44. Anything U Want
45. You Who
46. All About
47. Tune In Or Tune Out
48. Kick Backs
49. Sky Flowers
50. Bridgetown


This album is a compilation of new, old and unreleased tracks from previous projects. The collection highlights some of the most popular material from prior albums and beat tapes, dating from 2010 to present day.

I wanted to create this album as a reintroduction to my previous projects and as a thank you to supporters of my most recent album “High Top Fade”. I compiled the most played and most popular songs into this album, from sources like Bandcamp, Soundcloud, etc. and added some newer, unreleased tracks that didn’t make the cut for prior releases. Many people found “High Top Fade” on streaming services and thought it was my first album, so I wanted to share some back catalog highlights, without releasing every album all over again. All the support from listeners around the globe continues to inspire my work and I wanted to add a comprehensive collection of vintage songs to my discography, for fans new and old.