DEHEB – Black Keys Golden Chords [Beat Tape] [2017]

DEHEB – Black Keys Golden Chords [Beat Tape]
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01. Foeva
02. Rebirth (feat. Elaquent & Calicot Jazz)
03. Looting (feat. Scream)
04. Emerald Coast Ride
05. From the Ground on Up (feat. Chief)
06. Flex (feat. Flexfab & Cauzndefx)
07. Yoke Upon You
08. Moonday (feat. Lndfk)
09. Slow Eagle (feat. Noza)
10. Nomoredrama (feat. Seilen & Classik)
11. 1733 Nannytown (feat. Shungu)

DEHEB – Black Keys Golden Chords

Fresh from the success of LNDFK’s recent release,
Feelin’ Music brings another must have album in the beat genre.
!French beat-mastermind Deheb delivers his magnum opus “Black Keys Golden Chords”, a solid album featuring some of his new productions, and collaborations with Noza, Shungu, FlexFab, Chief, Elaquent, LNDFK, Seilen, Classik, and more!
“Black Keys Golden Chords” showcases once again the original and smart vision of one of the most game-changing producer of the moment.