AKTR – suburbanfunkessentials [Beat Tape] [2017]

AKTR – suburbanfunkessentials [Beat Tape]
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01. ihavenothing
02. devonrex
03. positive afterimage
04. dowhatyoulike
05. youmakemelove
06. nextmovement
07. realclose
08. anotherplace
09. allnightlamp
10. illbethere
11. dustindust
12. giveitto(pray)

AKTR – suburbanfunkessentials

Also Available On: AKTR – suburbanfunkessentials 10inch Vinyl

ΔKTR (pronounced actor), is a beat maker from Yokohama, sampling primarily 80s funk. With his familiar yet subtly unique approach, AKTR is loved by both, more R&B leaning loop heads, and connoisseurs of Vaporwave alike. He somehow manages to consistently bring a high level of bliss to this sample/collage culture in a quiet yet powerful way. We are very excited to be one of the stops in his creative journey and hope you hear what we’re hearing.