Turkish Dcypha – Throw​.​sTones [Remixes] [2017]

Turkish Dcypha – Throw​.​sTones [Remixes]
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01. The.real.won [inTro]
02. gheTTo [guilTy.simpson]
03. primer.minisTro [charizma & peanuT.buTTer.wolf]
04. broaD.facTor [lorD.quas]
05. Throw.sTones [inTerluDe]
06. The.riDe [oh.no]
07. classic [meD & Talib.kweli]
08. sum.lighT [inTerluDe]
09. lasT.of.The.greaTs [prince.poeTry & percee.p]
10. waTch.ur.sTep [vinnie.paz & guilTy.simpson]
11. preaching.kaT [inTerluDe]
12. where.i’m.from [meD]
13. DefiniTion.of.ill [planeT.asia & maDlib]
14. sTomp.v.1.3 [oh.no & cornbreaD]
15. Throwback.rap.aTTack [percee.p]
16. geT.biTches [guilTy.simpson & mr. porTer]
17. waTch.my.moves [Dooley.o]
18. mc.nasTy.filTh [j.Dilla & frank.n.Dank]
19. no.Time.for.jokes [chali.2na & percee.p]
20. music.has.sToppeD [ouTro]

Turkish Dcypha – Throw​.​sTones

a remix projecT… basically i Took a bunch of sTones Throw a cappella’s [which i payeD for on They’re official online sTore] and maDe new beaTs To Them. i flippeD The official label logo To reaD Throw sTones for my cover [which i was preTTy chuffeD wiTh myself for Doing] i have haD This finsiheD for a liTTle while now buT was noT sure how To puT iT ouT. i guess This is as gooD a way as any. i hope you enjoy anD Tell a frienD…