Igor Amokian – Bentronicles [Album] [2017]

Igor Amokian – Bentronicles [Album]
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01. Ten [F. Ten-Headed Skeleton + Bizzart]
02. Orbit Recircler [F. 9p]
03. Goat Hoarding Androids [F. Nemesis Warlock]
04. Freestyle Circa Unknown [F. V1rus + IZ]
05. Igor Bonus Beat [F. Green Dutch]
06. Long Haired Crooked Leg Ghost [F. Big Epoch)
07. The Ax [F. Big Epoch]
08. Megalynk3 Meets Igor Live @ Vermont House, LA
09. Recon Vessel [F. Zardon Oompsfa]
10. Bonus Beat A – Bentronicle
11. Slept On My Style [F. V1rus]
12. Bonus Beat B – Cyberdiine Systm

Igor Amokian – Bentronicles

Also Available On: Limited Edition C29 Cassette


From the Facility of the Electronic music producing beat making noise-smith Igor Amokian comes : BENTRONICLES – A various artists compilation of Emcees from L.A and around the globe delivering a wide spectrum of lyrical styles and content over a barrage of mechanical mayhem beats of Igor Amokian. Featured MC’s include: Ten Headed Skeleton, Bizzart, 9P, Big Epoch, Zardon Ompsfa and more!

Hope your tape decks, BOOM BOXES and walkmen are ready for the
interstellar trip into BENTRONICLES!!!!!!!