AK420 – Rua Augusta [Beat Tape] [2017]

AK420 – Rua Augusta [Beat Tape]
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01. Past
02. One Two
03. Faze
04. Different Perspective
05. Secret
06. Midnight Chill
07. Good To See You
08. Isolation

AK420 – Rua Augusta

Also Available On: PPT-10-01 – Limited 10″ (Splattered Vinyl)

The debut release of AK420 finally on vinyl!

I wanna thank my beloved family, my beautiful girlfriend and my friends. Without your support there wouldn’t exist a single AK420 release. Also much love to POSTPARTUM., the whole Amajin Records family, Made Wit Luv, Groove Garden, Don, Goersch, Papier & Bleistift, Devaloop, Mr. Käfer aka Jamal Jabiby, Ziddy, Teknical Development, Warparth, all those great musicians who influenced me and everybody else i forgot to mention. Don’t be mad at me, it is 4:25 am.