Bottom Crate Beats – Subterranean [Beat Tape] [2017]

Bottom Crate Beats – Subterranean [Beat Tape]
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01. No One Can Do It Better
02. I Wanna Talk To You
03. Mind Over Matter
04. Sheena E
05. Return of The Darkside
06. Smooth Bluesy GTR
07. Dust To Dust
08. I’m The Illest
09. I’m The One Who Calls The Shots
10. Subterranean

Bottom Crate Beats – Subterranean

“Subterranean” is a collection of beats that I’ve been producing over the last few months while living in Sicily, Italy. All of these speak to my past as I tried to stay true to a certain Boom-Bap type of feel. I used a lot of vintage soul and funk records to sample from as the basis of the majority of these beats.

I tried to add a certain type of grit and soul to the kicks and snares as well as the overall sound of the track. I like to pay homage to the Hip Hop I grew up listening to, and that has a certain type of gritt and grimey sound quality that hits hard and keeps your head nodin’ throughout the whole track.

-Mecanik, Bottom Crate Beats