J Scienide – The Actual Heat [Album] [2017]

J Scienide – The Actual Heat [Album]
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01. Lost and Found
02. Open Letter
03. Power of the Holy Ghost
04. The Jux (Words by DJ Iran / Produced by Gensu Dean)
05. Ghetto (featuring Kev Brown / cuts by DJ Jon Doe)
06. Chasers (Cuts by DJ Jon Doe)
07. What’s the Odds Part 1 ( featuring Kenn Starr and Grap Luva)
08. What’s the Odds Part 2 (featuring Kev Brown)
09. Directions
10. NYFW
11. Vanity Flair
12. Spike Nolan
13. A Chorus Line Part 4 (featuring Nolan the Ninja, Supastition, and yU)

J Scienide – The Actual Heat

‘The Actual Heat’ features Kev Brown, Kenn Starr, yU, Nolan the Ninja, Grap Luva, Supastition, DJ Iran, and DJ Jon Doe,. Production handled by J Scienide and Gensu Dean.