Brown Calvin – Calvinism Vol. 1 [Beat Tape] [2017]

Brown Calvin – Calvinism Vol. 1 [Beat Tape]
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01. Calvinism vol. 1 (Full Album)
02. 1 Create
03. 2 Explore
04. 3 Breathe
05. 4 Think
06. 5 Love
07. 6 Forgive
08. 7 Awaken

Brown Calvin – Calvinism Vol. 1

i’m writing for no reason. we’re all stars. energy manifested ever changing like the leaves. please ease me with soothing whispers of creatively cultivated. thoughts. over easy. curating a stream of conciousness to create a lagoon of light to cleanse the stagnant waters of post colonialism. post as in outdated. representational.definitely. still present in our present day though.when will we stand? it seems like we gotta fall first have we lost our own way though?that’s the question that i only. as in you. can address. trespassing. genocide. ideological cleansing. redskins fan rockin a headdress then question the civil unrest. plymouth rock to standing. we will not have our parachute landing..