L One – Halbe im Viertel [Beat Tape] [2017]

L One – Halbe im Viertel [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro
02. Midnite
03. Traveler
04. Jay
05. Cosmos
06. Get Along
07. Townman
08. Firefly
09. Shade Away w/ Grasime
10. Rollin
11. Konnecta w/ O
12. At The Spot
13. Light
14. Some Hands
15. Lahmacun
16. Still Ill
17. Inbalance
18. Corner
19. Mind w/ Beckinger
20. Carter w/ Zip Zap
21. At The Park
22. Get To You
23. High Five w/ Zip Zap
24. Outro
25. Epilogue

L One – Halbe im Viertel

Also Available On: Limited Edition Cassette

Are you stressed? Is your brain fried? Are you chasing your own tail, always running in a circle? It’s time for a break. Life is not all about constant Achieving and getting paid. It’s time to distance yourself from the noise and catch a breath. It’s time for a relaxed half in the quarter (a beer at your favorite place). You’ll see; within seconds your worries will drop away and all will be put into perspective, as your friends and what matters most become your center of attention. The 60 minutes of sound therapy by Munich beat producer and smooth operator L One wants to be your pleasant companion for this cool down from the daily chaos. Rain or shine, happy or raging, this tape is the perfect soundtrack for every occasion and every mood. Boom Bap Direct, laid-back SP1200 delicacies, skillfully Constructed instrumentals – lean back and switch your ears to receive: Take a break with L One.