Bastien Keb – 22​.​02​.​85 [Beat Tape] [2017]

Bastien Keb – 22​.​02​.​85 [Beat Tape]
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01. Intro
02. Pick Up
03. Cashmere
04. My Lovely Wool
05. The Lug
06. Night Hustle
07. Rare Fit
08. Fit Rare ft Cappo
09. Glue (The End)
10. Nocturnal/Midnight Shift (Serious Thumb)
11. Town
12. Yela
13. The Cut
14. Glue (Daydream)
15. Younger
16. Crum

Bastien Keb – 22​.​02​.​85

Also Available On: Vinyl Version

‘22.02.85’ is the new album from Bastien Keb. Initially conceived as a concept album about a stripper lost in the city (like a straight-to-video follow up to Showgirls), ‘22.02.85’ has a distinctly nocturnal edge to it. The city at night, lost in a crowd, abandoned petrol stations, empty kebab shops, broken florescent lights. Like a half-forgotten dream, familiar yet unnerving. He says all the songs are all about girls apart from two about a big lug. You may catch a phrase here and there but the context is all in the feel:There’s a melancholy edge, but I don’t wanna depress people. Sad but hopeful? If that’s possible.