Fresh Produce – 4080 [Album] [2016]

Fresh Produce – 4080 [Album]
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01. We Always Finish
02. No Diamonds
03. God Only Really Knows (G.O.R.K.)
04. Pocket Watchers
05. Not Coming Back
06. Black Love
07. We Poppin’
08. No Fux (They Say) [feat. Chelsea Pastel]
09. Touch It
10. Journey (feat. Chelsea Pastel)
11. Tug of War
12. Gotta Keep Movin’
13. JFK to CdG (feat. Candi Fresca)

Fresh Produce – 4080

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The ladies of FP return with the follow up to their sophomore release, Duce. 4080 continues to represent their signature flair for lyricism and catchy hooks, while assuming a more soulful and introspective tone by fusing elements of jazz, reggae and deep funk into their production. “Traditional boom-bap is cool but we wanted this album to be more expanded to reflect our emotions and experiences from the last year,” states DJ Red-I. “Our sound has a feminine vibe but still has that ‘edge’ for urban audiences.”

Once again, the duo enlists the production talents of beat alchemists, aLiVE (Muamin Collective) and Amani.Cove, to add their signature flavors to tracks like “Tug of War,” “Gotta Keep Movin’,” “G.O.R.K.” and, most notably, “No Fux” which enlists the lyrical firepower of CLE songstress, Chelsea Pastel. By far, 4080 is FP’s most musically evolved album to date.