Vas – V for Vigoda [Album] [2017]

Vas – V for Vigoda [Album]
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01. V for Vigoda [Shouts to Abe]
02. And You Know It
03. Flagrance f. Reef the Lost Cauze cuts by DJ Cru Cut
04. Keep the Change
05. Dig Deep f. Burke the Jurke cuts by DJ TMB
06. Mr. Xxxcitement*
07. I Got This f. Skrewtape
08. Swordfish
09. Catpoo
10. Abyss f. Digs Darklighter, Rock Philthy, & Nico the Beast+
11. Gnothi Seauton
12. Gear in the Machine f. John E Cab & John Morrison
13. More to Bury f. Burke the Jurke
14. Blood of Issac

Vas – V for Vigoda

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6 years in the making.
A lot of real life in between.
A friendship solidified
Abe, who’s death brought life.

Produced by Ill Clinton aka Vibe Vigoda aka Abe Ageda aka Sam Squantch aka Duke Skywalken aka Grimeball CrimeLord
VAS did the rappin’ unless otherwise noted above.

All tracks recorded and mixed by Will Yip at Studio 4
*Recorded by Methan Sxacks at Marsten House
+Recorded by Dave Humes at Phood Court