Jasperino – Midnight Casino [Beat Tape] [2016]

Jasperino – Midnight Casino [Beat Tape]
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01. casino (intro)
02. why are you here
03. aurora
04. bright wave
05. coastline
06. subtropics
07. icedout
08. classics 91′
09. elevator$
10. fortune
11. fuck feelings
12. hot showers
13. special presentation
14. waiting room
15. my country
16. noire
17. sensitivity
18. sunbeams
19. supercloud
20. tokens
21. we gotta escape
22. we stand at the door
23. insomnia
24. 333-333-333

Jasperino – Midnight Casino

Also Available On: Tape Cassette

Jasperino splashes onto the Inner Ocean scene with Midnight Casino, a tape that was originally created as a submission to the local weather channel in Rakvere, Estonia. These beats are chill, buoyant and listenable. Besides music, Jasperino has designs on one day founding his own casino, in line with the tape’s namesake.

Midnight Casino is a project that represents the nascent ability of Jasperino, and we are vibing the track he’s on.