Gee-O – Soundscape [Beat Tape] [2016]

Gee-O – Soundscape [Beat Tape]
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01. Crooked Funk
02. Run & Trip
03. Brewed
04. Inspiration Point
05. Pumping Blues
06. Have Fun
07. Road Trip
08. Sour Happy
09. Electro Hotel
10. Flood MSG
11. Downtown Camino
12. The Redeemed
13. Romantic Vines
14. Kiss This Rio
15. The Innocence

Gee-O – Soundscape

This summer I was excited about my previous release (Gritty). My previous release also helped with the inspiration of making this album. I was in NYC this summer and that also help contribute to this release. The music on this album translates the adventures of that trip. Going back to my roots in The Bronx I tried to recreate what was hot and translate to Hip Hop as I found that it lost its way and Identity. I wanted to bring back that feel good excitement of when you heard a song. Another Inspiration came with The Olympics. I wanted to create a sound that reflects how I was feeling when watching the games. You combine all that together and you get Soundscape!!!!!!

The album cover was taken in Coney Island.