SonoTWS – Flores [Beat Tape] [2016]

SonoTWS – Flores [Beat Tape]
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01. Words Of Wisdom
02. Ansiedade
03. Muro Legalizado
04. Viagem Astral
05. Opostos
06. Aborrecimento
07. O Cinza
08. Cabeça Erguida
09. As Flores e a Alergia
10. Falsa Amizade
11. Luz Solar
12. Desapego
13. Dedicatória
14. Bomb Preto e Prata (cassette only)

SonoTWS – Flores

Also Available On: Cassette + bonus beat

Introspection has been a recurring theme on the beat tapes we release.

Almost two years ago, SonoTWS relocated to Jundiaí, his hometown, after ten years of living in São Paulo. Phisically away from the scene and the metropolis, he built his own musical universe around a notable collection of cassettes and samplers.

The tracks on “Flores”, created while Sono dealt with a series of personal struggles, bring the characteristic sound of the MPC60, S950, SP303 and the less usual ST-224. Listening to them, I was impressed by his versatility and the way he brought his style closer to UKIYO’s aesthetic. But more than that, his beat tape made me see more clearly what the label’s most important aspects are

Piano samples, abundant on this release, are a personal favorite. But introspection has been the dominant element.