Hillboggle – Up the Country with Hillboggle [Beat Tape] [2016]

Hillboggle – Up the Country with Hillboggle [Beat Tape]
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01. Live at Voice of the Valley VII
02. Live in Columbus

Hillboggle – Up the Country with Hillboggle

Also Available On: Cassette (Ltd. 100)

Hillboggle is a “noise-grass collaboration” from San Francisco recorder Derek Gedalecia with his father David on banjo and dobro, debuted on the b-side of a cassette from Derek’s prolific Headboggle project. First conceived as a way to explore and expand on the elder Gedalecia’s own experiments with unconventional sounds in the 60s, the two have grounded the collaboration in their improvised live sets, performing both in the Bay Area and farther afield in Appalachia — hence their latest, a pair of live recordings from out East titled ‘Up the Country with Hillboggle.’ Vibrant and at times blistering, the impression is of a crazed and tripping Tod Dockstader attempting to negotiate with a banjo, or a live version of a particularly rugged Creel Pone CD-R. Opening at 2015’s Voice of the Valley Noise Rally in Millstone, WV, the Gedalecias hinge their trip on an equally eccentric turn northwest toward Ohio, coming down as they materialize tenuously in Columbus.