Sev Seveer – Shelfie Baps [Beat Tape] [2016]

Sev Seveer – Shelfie Baps [Beat Tape]
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01. Mad Rice
02. Garry
03. Mayhem
04. Overlord Undastood
05. Goulaloop
06. Oddjob
07. Woozy
08. Ineffective Detective
09. Moods
10. Green Figurine
11. Mogs be in Space
12. Dont Let A Mastermind Know You Fakin’

Sev Seveer – Shelfie Baps

This mix is a collection of old rap instrumentals that never quite made it out of the lab, made between 2007-2013. This stuff is mostly a reflection of my early forms (but those forms will always be present!), and to show that I’ve always, from the beginning, tried to keep a solid range of beat proficiency, “Styles Upon Styles” as we say. I’ve avoided trying to box myself, and made sure to maintain my scholarship as a student of beatmaking.

Most of these beats were created in software via midi controllers and in-DAW audio chopping from when I first started working in Cubase in 2007; however, there are some very early SP 404/202 beats in here as well.

My next EP, Smithereens, is a journey in using beats to sonically interpret neo-impressionism, specifically Pointillism. The first single, “Seuratcha Sauce”, will be out via Beats of All-Nations on May 16th.