Various Artists – DUST​-​TONE [Compilation] [2016]

Various Artists – DUST-TONE [Compilation]
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01. Crab Nebula – Sounds From Sunday Morning [intro]
02. _fuux – and I saw her in my dream again.
03. lungfulls – mandala
04. jaga_ – leaves
05. Epicure – Spacesuit Crackhead
06. Je$u$ – Brain$
07. shmason – SKETCHES016
08. sundrenched – darkblu stars
09. oddigtl – morning mist
10. 「l o k a」 – raw loop
11. jaga_ – your pieces [outro]
12. Seachel Nana – Riverside Drive [end credits]

Various Artists – DUST-TONE

The definitive collection of beats and soundscapes from our global email circle and tightly-knit group of hyper-sonic friends. This release marks dust-tone’s first official excursion into the world of published music and lays down a sprawling field of textures, beats and aural conundrums that will leave you as a dazzled, melted mess. After over a year of work, this project is finally materialized into a 25 minute landmark of nostalgic and textural bliss.