Erik Jackson – Almost Dark [Beat Tape] [2016]

Erik Jackson – Almost Dark [Beat Tape]
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01. For The Lonely ft. Vicky Flint
02. Change Of Season ft. Vicky Flint
03. Phased In
04. Chops For Dilla
05. Come Evening ft. Vicky Flint
06. Lifetime In The Wind
07. Beyond & Back
08. Under The Stars
09. For The Night ft. Lou Mistrau
10. Solitude ft. Jenova 7

Erik Jackson – Almost Dark

Welcome back. With this album I wanted to return to my roots of music production. I dusted off the MPC and started digging through old records. I took inspiration from many places during this 7 month journey. Digging through old records and old pictures was more like time traveling than producing. Every song on the album with the exception of “For The Night” was created with an Akai MPC and Akai s900.

I enjoyed the time creating this album. I hope you enjoy as well.