Beat Tape Co-Op – T-Shirt [Order] [2016]

Beat Tape Co-Op – T-Shirt
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First let me say Thank You, to everyone out there that has been down with Beat Tape Co-Op since day 1! Beat Tape Co-Op has been around since 2008, and it has been a real journey to get where it has gotten to today. Many people have asked about t-shirts and the funding just hasn’t been there. So I was able to find this site and hopefully some of you out there will be able to get one of these before it’s to late. I ain’t sure if t-shirts will be available again, but if you would like to show your support – please click the link above and feel free to order one. Again I Thank everybody who is a supporter, fan, producer, beatmaker of the site. Respect to everyone. Peace!

Show Your Support Today! Beat Tape Co-Op Has Been Helping Support Producers/BeatMakers For Years. Please Support By Purchasing A Shirt Today. Thank You

We reached our minimum! The shirts will be printed, now help us reach our goal!!