Far Out Recordings – The Far Out Beat Tape [Compilation] [2016]

Far Out Recordings – The Far Out Beat Tape [Compilation]
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01. Simone Seritella – Sambalanco
02. Alex Malheiros & Band Utopia – The Wave (IG Culture’s feat. John Robinson The Plan Mix)
03. Friends From Rio – Vera Cruz (4 Hero Remix)
04. Troubleman – Lullaby
05. Binario – Quantão (Part 2 Daz I Kue Re-edit)
06. The Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra – Keep Believing (Can You Feel It) (SS Translation by Theo Parrish)
07. Sean Khan – Things To Say (Ben Hauke Remix)
08. Troubleman – Without You
09. The Ipanemas – Seu Dario (Paul White Remix)
10. Azymuth – Morning (Peanut Butter Wolf Remix)
11. Marcos Valle – 1975 (Budgie Remix)

Far Out Recordings – The Far Out Beat Tape

The Far Out Beat Tape brings together some of the finest forays into beat-driven electronic music from the label’s extensive back catalogue. From classics to rarities, of varying tempos and styles, this mixtape eliminates binary genre classification and carves out a place for Brazil on the map of the global beat diaspora.
When celebrated digger, DJ and Brazilian music connoisseur Joe Davis set up Far Out Recordings in 1994, it was an incredibly exciting time for dance music in the UK. House, techno and rave were splintering off into varying directions, jungle was blowing up and the future was wide open. While Far Out may be more widely known for its modern day iterations of MPB, jazz and samba, it has always kept itself firmly on the cutting edge of electronic music as this release amply demonstrates.

Far Out entered the scene with an unparalleled devotion to the music of Brazil’s past and present, but always with a keen eye on the future of UK dance, sensing a lucrative forward path in the marriage of the two which in many ways was an early precursor to the forward thinking blends of rugged dance sounds and organic, groove anchored jazz-funk, fusion and samba that was characteristic of Masters At Work’s Nuyorican Soul project and later the West London based Broken Beat movement.