ANGELS DUST – Musings [Beat Tape] [2016]

ANGELS DUST – Musings [Beat Tape]
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01. Slow Tapes (ESGAR)
02. Funeral (COTO)
03. Haunted (GRAVE LINE)
04. Wildfire *
05. Shiverslow (WALTER GROSS)
06. Holy War *
07. Slow Tapes (MYSTERY CAVE)
08. Haunted (ELUSIVE)
09. Funeral (TENSHUN)
10. Iron Maiden *
11. Yo Voy A Morir *
12. Shivers (CITIZEN TEN)
13. Slow Tapes (GIOVANNI MARKS)
14. Beating Of My Heat (Live) *
16. Slow Tapes (DNTEL)


Also Available On: CD or CASSETTE

ANGELS DUST is producer Psychopop & singer Flavia. In June 2015 HIT+RUN released their mesmerizing debut EP ‘Slow Tapes’ [HNR48], six moody songs swathed in grainy reverb and dense production. Critics praised Angels Dust’s hazy sound & haunting vocal stylings, bracketing their psychedelic dream pop alongside Portishead, Broadcast, Mazzy Star & Beach House.

In Summer 2015, four vocal tracks were passed to select producers (Dntel, Elusive, Tenshun, Esgar, Coto, Mystery Cave, Walter Gross, Giovanni Marks, Citizen Ten, Sinking Swimmer, Graveline, Gato & Chitlins) to reinterpret in their own method.