prettyboy aloe – baby u a herkimer diamond [Beat Tape] [2016]

prettyboy aloe – baby u a herkimer diamond [Beat Tape]
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01. bby u a hrkmr dmnd
02. berler rmx
03. super you rmx
04. eliijah rmx
05. super secret aloe boyz rmx
06. skittish arm rmx
07. citrus melon carcrash rmx
08. natty gray rmx
09. malibu rmx

prettyboy aloe – baby u a herkimer diamond

Also Available On: Ltd Ed. TDK Play It Loud C60 Clear Cassette Tape

“There is a vision that plays in my head very often. I remember the night the vision was induced in my mind and even then, it felt so familiar. It was an evening in Brickell Key, Miami, and I was with my friend, Zachary. While waiting for our friend Bliss, Zachary and I sat on a bench, alongside the Miami River as we lingered on the island. My eyes wandered before I could inhale deeply. As the night sunk darker and the wind blew colder, an elevated euphoria hit me. I was unable to comprehend why I felt such ecstasy. The topography of the island affected me immensely; the depth of the night sky, the faint jazz music coming from across the river, along with the sound of the waves, the wind tangling my hair, and my head on Zachary’s right shoulder. Glaring at the city lights seeking through the scandalous Miami humidity, I cried. It was in that moment that the vision originated.
Suddenly, the vision shifts to a close-up of a gentlelady in her early 20s, wearing a red velvet gown as she sits inside a high-class restaurant late at night with a group of young adults. She handles her glass of white wine and places it gently on the interstice of her matte, dark nude lipstick-stained lips to take a sip. I am unsure who this lady is, but I recognize the setting as being somewhere on Brickell Key that same night I was with Zachary.