Josh Hey & TLKE – E&J [Beat Tape] [2016]

Josh Hey & TLKE – E&J [Beat Tape]
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01. Only One DJ (intro)
02. Actually.. No / Celly
03. Dissed Calls
04. Busride / Traphats
05. Y’All Ready
06. Three Fours / All The Samples
07. Rabbithole
08. Josh Gets Angry Too
09. Tatooine
11. Yesterday(Part 420)
12. Three For Ableton
13. Yaheard Holla
14. Tapwater
15. Jazz Rock Freakout
16. Doodoo Green
17. Too Little In My Hands
18. Let Me Know
19. When It’s All Over / Soul Drops
20. Been This Way Since Creation
21. Come On A..
22. Duck Jawns
23. Shouts To O (Part 1)
24. Ard Bul
25. Say No More Fam
26. Too Many Brews
27. Chase Scene
28. Boots
29. Bluedream
30. Touching Legs
31. Drunk Hookup / Peanutbutter
32. Skywalker OG
33. Capital Letters
34. Shouts To O (Part 2)
35. Dry Palms
36. The Letter Three
37. Tinder Swipes
39. We’re All Laughing At You (Part 420)

Josh Hey & TLKE – E&J

Also Available On: “E&J” Josh Hey & The Laughing Khokmah Ensemble Cassette

2010.. After consuming their fair share of E&J, Josh Hey and TLKE recorded a 1.5 hour mix entitled “onlyonedj”. In this recording, both selectors furiously ran thru over 500 records, needle dropping and cutting breaks. As one can imagine, the outcome was somewhat of frantic collage of disparate elements, that occasionally hits the ears just right.

While the original mix is hard to come by, this album contains choice selections from the recording accompanied by beats composed on Ableton and MPC2500. Listener beware, this album will go everywhere in a hurry.

Josh Hey and TLKE have signed with Paxico Records to release this collaboration album, E&J.