The Mixtapers – Quattro [E.P.] [2015]

The Mixtapers – Quattro [E.P.]
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01. BackSeat Heat
02. KungFu Class

The Mixtapers – Quattro

It is no surprise to anybody that Laruche loves Funk Music, a complete style which includes in its influences Jazz, Rock and Blues and a genre that has gone on to have a major influence on hip-hop.

It is thus with great pleasure that we present you “Quattro”, a 2 track EP produced by the very talented “The Mixtapers,” an Italian group hailing from Bologna that we discovered last year via the English label Expansions Collective

“The Mixtapers” formed back in 2012, founded by “Michele Manzo” and “Brothermartino” two musicians who had been friends since high school. The sound of “The Mixtapers” aims to be more in the lineage of Slave or Aurra than Italo-Disco (no offence Sabrina.)

The EP is made up not from computers or gadgets, but live instruments. The furious guitars punctuate a traditional funk rhythm strewed with notes of keyboards and warm basses.

Quattro is the duo’s (who over time have become more of a collective of musicians) fourth project.

Now sit back and listen to The Mixtapers their talent and integrity are undeniable.