RJD2 – The STS Instrumentals [Instrumentals] [2015]

RJD2 – The STS Instrumentals [Instrumentals]
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01. Doin’ It Right (Instrumental Version)
02. Trunk of My Computer (Instrumental Version)
03. Hold On, Here It Go (Instrumental Version)
04. 420 (Instrumental Version)
05. Don’t Get Played (Instrumental Version)
06. Tennessee (Whiskey Revival) [Instrumental Version]
07. Cruisin’ (Instrumental Version)
08. All I Wanted Was a Caddy (Instrumental Version)
09. Monsters Under My Bed (Instrumental Version)
10. Dice Game (Instrumental Version)
11. Fancy Car (Family Values) [Instrumental Version]
12. F**k with That (Instrumental Version)