Rhythm Roulette: Tuxedo [Video] [2017]

Rhythm Roulette: Tuxedo [Video] Jake One and Mayer Hawthorne form like Voltron to become production duo Tuxedo, the latest contestants on MASS APPEAL’s Rhythm Roulette. The pair stopped by Good Records—the shop, not the label—on East 5th Street in NYC, tied bandanas over their eyes, and grabbed up three random records to sample. Although the […]

LEEMLIZZY – live 303 set for CONTROLLERISE Atlanta [Video] [2017]

LEEMLIZZY – live 303 set for CONTROLLERISE Atlanta [Video] Atlanta producer Leemlizzy stops by controllerise as he gears up for his forthcoming release EXTRA BUTTER….enjoy the vibes… his unique mix of Downtempo funk and dusty beats and rhymes are sure to please .follow him @ LeemLizzy on everything Likes(1)Dislikes(0)

DeepLemon’s A Collection of Interludes Vol. VI [Video] [2017]

A Collection of Interludes Vol. Vi available on CD and Limited Edition Cassette Via Lo-Flydelity Records. www.DeepLemon.Bandcamp.com for the Pre-Order and Bonus Disc. www.LoflydelityRecords.Bandcamp.com for other Releases And be on the look out for SHADOWS by WIZDUMB coming 2017 Likes(1)Dislikes(0)

El Michels Affair – Iron Man [Video] [2017]

El Michels Affair – Iron Man [Video] On April 14th 2017, El Michels Affair drops the follow up to their cult classic, Enter The 37th Chamber. Preorder “Return To The 37th Chamber” now: LP / CD – BIG CROWN WEBSTORE : https://bigcrownrecords.com/store/ Digital – http://geni.us/EMA37thChamber Credits: Story and animation by El Oms Effects and Video […]

Rhythm Roulette: Gensu Dean [Video] [2017]

Rhythm Roulette: Gensu Dean [Video] For this episode of Rhythm Roulette, we linked with Gensu Dean. Known by many as The Grand Incredible, Gensu Dean is currently one of hip hop’s best kept secrets. Mello Music Group’s very own stopped by LES’ Good Records to be blindfolded, to select three records at random, and to […]