The Lasso – Oscillations [Video] [2019]

The Lasso – Oscillations [Video]

“My years in Arizona were a rebirth for me musically. After decades as a musician, I found a new voice there. Life circumstances forced me to move back home, but I owe a lot to the people and places of Arizona. I wanted my first video to display my love and respect to that sacred land”
-The Lasso

Beat Culture & the SP-404: Dibia$e, Flying Lotus and Ras G [Video] [2019]

In the early 2000’s, Los Angeles cultivated an underground hip-hop beat culture, where every budding producer were on the same wavelength, experimenting like mad scientists in laboratories, and producing their next instrumental masterpieces.
A community formed around these artists who crafted a lo-fi, gritty sound that warbled and hissed like worn cassette tapes and vinyl. Glitched effects, samples and loops—driven along by a minimal kick/snare/hat groove—were created and performed on the Roland SP-404 Sampler.
This video shares memories from Dibia$e, Flying Lotus and Ras G but barely scratches the surface of a scene that grew from the roots of Project Blowed, Sketchbook, Boombox and Low End Theory. Now, from dedicated YouTube channels to SP-based Beat Maker showcases to loyal online communities, this underground beat culture from L.A has now found a global home.

Diggin In The Floppies – Panik – Cali Agents – NEVA FORGET – MPC 2000XL [Video] [2019]

Diggin In The Floppies – Panik – Cali Agents – NEVA FORGET – MPC 2000XL [Video]

Diggin In The Floppies – Producer MPC 2000XL drum kits

MPC2000XL drum kits, made out of my old floppies.

Years & money worth of old record collecting

Format is in wave files, Drum kits are compatible with any DAW software or beat machines (MPC, , Logic, Reason, Ableton Live, FL Studio, Maschine, Studio One, etc)

Please look out for a brother & support.

Support will go towards future original sample packs.




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