CoachMotel – Moonjuice [Video] [2020]

CoachMotel – Moonjuice [Video]
“Moonjuice” (produced by CoachMotel) is another track from the forthcoming “Nebula” LP.

The album is due out on the 21st August 2020 on U Know Me Records.
21 cosmic producers on one galactic record!

Fokis & Oh No – No Breaks [Video] [2020]

Fokis & Oh No – No Breaks [Video]

Gangrene co-founder, producer/MC Oh No has teamed up with Lower East Side, NYC MC/Producer Fokis for a collaborative project titled, This Thing Called Life. Produced entirely by Oh No, This Thing Called Life is “An Introspective Look At Life of A Child Born and Raised in the ghetto, determined to make it out.” says Fokis.

LettersFromHome – FREAKSHOW [Video] [2020]

The basic humanity and civil rights of people of color have been abused and often ignored in America throughout American history. Countless injustices and acts of violence have been exacted upon black people in particular in America throughout history as well. Sadly, this continues to be a reoccurring norm in society even today. The government turns a deaf ear to these offenses leading many to believe the acts are endorsed and influenced by the government in most cases.
In 2020, we all would like to think that the political, racial, and social climate of the country is different from the past. The words and actions of many, including the president, have recently shown us otherwise.
This artistic audiovisual by “LettersFromHome” entitled “FreakShow” depicts an interesting point of view on this subject matter.