Yudko – Abstractions [Beat Tape] [2017]

Yudko – Abstractions [Beat Tape]
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01. Rrrredbluered∞Blueredblueeee
02. Nefelibata13 – One For Moondog
03. Clwndgwkyn_wtrwmn9 Mix
04. One handed clap
05. Non euclideaniszms
06. cirkls2sqrs
07. Morning ✸
08. Fly magpie_773
09. Shnatz with shnutz
10. Ephemerides
11. Daboggieman
12. Astroblue – Anpao Remix
13. Thght_wrd_actn_wlkyrtlk
14. Zihuatanejo

Yudko – Abstractions

Yudko’s debut solo album on Raw Tapes is a unique release. His distinct style makes him stand out in the family, bringing a fresh breeze of experimental sound.
His approach for electronic music is influenced greatly by his early jazz studies.

Yudko dances with the electronics in a way that cuts the bullshit, and the result bears the same quality. His music goes straight to the essence, full of soul.

Using samples of recorded moments, analog machines as well as electronic noise and sounds, Yudko creates something that is deep like a sub-conscious, full of memories, abstract and movingly nostalgic.

“When I first got this album’s draft, I listened to it in loops for weeks. I felt like I was communicating with some alien species that has finally come to take me home.” -KerenDun