YL & Roper Williams – friendofafriend [Album] [2018]

YL & Roper Williams – friendofafriend [Album]
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01. asubtlething (ft. mid)
02. details
03. dontlookinthebag
04. prequel
05. nothinglikethemovie
06. timedontwait (ft. maxo)
07. bbygirl
08. tbt
09. holdfaith
10. aquateen
11. company
12. drugstore
13. winter2k17
14. birdsfly

YL & Roper Williams – friendofafriend

“friendofafriend” is a dedication to my family and closest associates. thank you for all the love. it never goes unnoticed. shouts to mom and pops, my brother, i should care records, oskar, giani, mike, xav, maxo, mid, the whole rrr team, din, pootie, wiardon, peewee and everyone involved. another W for the squad.


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