Wizard of Loneliness – A Night With The Wizard [E.P.] [2017]

Wizard of Loneliness – A Night With The Wizard [E.P.]
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01. Side A1 (Observational Comedy)
02. Side A2 (Impersonations)
03. Side B1 (Restitutions)
04. Side B2 (Absurdist Humour)
05. invisible
06. .bootup (Bonus Track)

Wizard of Loneliness – A Night With The Wizard

Also Available On: A Night With The Wizard Ltd ed. Cassette and Sticker

October 23, 1997. The world famous comedian/vapor producer Wizard of Loneliness was speeding down a highway in central Jersey on his way to to a gig at the Golden Nugget Casino and Orphanage; a gig he would never arrive at…
…two decades later in the middle of a foggy fall night, a Highway patrolman radios in to headquarters saying he has seen an older model car seemingly drifting along the road, its tires not quite making contact with the asphalt. He decided to tail it and pull it over on account of its busted tail lights. When the patrolman came up to the side of the car he reports that the driver was wearing an old lounge singer jacket and had a strange look on his face. His only excuse for the officer was that he was on his way to gig and oddly enough he asked the officer to please listen to his set as he handed him a pink cassette…The officer went back to his car to get the ticket written up but when he returned to where the funny boy had been there was nothing there. He soiled himself thoroughly before radioing in for back up…

This is the audio from the tape that the officer found…