Wes Pendleton – Vine [Beat Tape] [2015]

Wes Pendleton – Vine [Beat Tape]
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01. Wake Up
02. Say Anything
03. I Got It
04. But You Doubt It
05. Open Your Eyes
06. Dolo
07. The Q
08. Have It All
09. All We Did
10. Back In
11. All There Is
12. Lock & Keys
13. Won’t Get Far
14. Even Still
15. Nature
16. Summer Groove
17. La-La
18. Baybeh
19. Just Us

Wes Pendleton – Vine

“With Vine, Wes Pendleton takes his soulful production up a few notches. Sonically, the project carries the emotional pull for which Wes is best known but it boasts an even greater degree of smooth. Each track is beautifully textured and blends seamlessly from one to the next, creating an easy yet engaging listen. Ultimately, Vine further cements Wes as one of today’s most attentive producers and arrangers.” – Juan Vidal, NPR, VIBE, BET

Wes Pendleton, Philadelphia based beat maker dropping his latest tape on, June 30, 2015, with the album Vine – 19 tracks of instrumental hip-hop.

Philadelphia has always been well known for producing soulful artists and musicians. Over the years, these artists have topped the charts and amassed numerous amounts of loyal fans while building a great legacy. Wes Pendleton, who also hails from the Philadelphia area, hopes to continue the carry part of that same legacy of soulful artists and musicians in his own unique way. Known for his soulful instrumental hip-hop, Wes has carved out quite the career for himself as both a producer and a graphic designer. He has built a solid fan base both here in the states, and abroad. After putting out a few projects via ILLECT Recordings, Wes has now transitioned to join the Mellow Orange team based out of San Francisco. He hopes to continue to expand his reach musically, and will be soon featured on some independent tours with other artists.